Welcome Toezoome


The first member with this site adds an item for swapping to his swap list by providing the title, description, rate, photo if any and shipping charges.

The second member who wish to swap his item can click on the first members listing and make an offer by providing his item for swap and an amount that he feels is a difference of value with the first members posted item.

The second member gets a new entry in his my offers list.

The first member gets a new entry in his received offers list. He can view the offer and accept it or put a counter offer.

The process is continued to a point where both members agree for mutual transfer of goods.At this point the user information of both the members are displayed and they can proceed with the transfer physically.The posted item is moved to swapped items list and will not be available for swapping any more.Both the members will get a facility to provide a feedback of the other member.All bad rated members can be barred from further trades by the administrator.

There are no fees required for swap listings. It is open for all registered users