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What is referral program
As a registered member of this site , you could receive a fixed amount for every friend that you refer to this site . After you refer a friend to this site , we will e- mail them a link where they can participate in a short survey regarding our services and how it can possibly benefit them, or somebody they know. This survey is voluntary but, if your friend completes the survey and submits it back to us, you will earn fixed amount per completed survey. But thats not all. Your friend will also have the chance to register with this site them self, if this happens; you will earn yourself an additional amount. There are no limits to how many friends.

Add referrer

To add referrer click on ' Add referrals ' in the left menu section .The top section of the upcoming screen will displays all the referred user along with their survey and registration status. In the middle section of the screen provide referrer name,email etc and click on ' Submit '.

Note that referral program with this site will not be available when free registration is enabled.